FOURCE is a light-art project consisting of and including huge wind power generators in Eslöv, in southern Sweden. 
FOURCE will hopefully involve 40 of the wind turbines in Eslöv. Teh community has a very high concentration of big wind power generators - with a total height of 100 + meters.
Every wind turbine in the project is fitted with a strong beam of white stationary light mounted on top of the machine housing. The beam is pointing straight upwards and illuminates the wings as they sweep trough the narrow light beam. For a short instant the wing will be visible in the dark. Like a beacon or a flicking candle light it will be visible over long distances. And side by side the different groups of wind generators will light up the night in the otherwise pitch black surrounding landscape.


The technique used in the strong beams is industrial strength gas-discharge lamps. It is a family of artificial light sources that generate light by sending an electrical discharge through an ionized gas, i.e. a plasma. Gas-discharge lamps are more complicated to manufacture, but offer longer life and higher efficiency. In short a very strong light compared to the effect. The effect of the high-power beams used in FOURCE are merely 75 and/or 150 Watts.


The FOURCE ligth art project is connected to the 100 year anniversary of the town of Eslöv. The anniversary in Eslöv honors foremost "Sustainability".




FOURCE is a project courtesy of

 Ministry of Art & Jump






































"Art involving huge

moving devices

has great potential."


           W. Ehresmann